Puzzle #3: Themeless One ft. Erik Agard

Puzzle 3: Themeless One ft. Erik Agard
Difficulty: Friday-ish

This blog is back from the dead! However, like the actual undead, I won’t say too much.

I’ve been spending my time nowadays working on stand-up comedy and other comedic endeavours, which is why I haven’t posted in eight (!?) months. However, I have still been crosswording from here to there, and this is the result of one of those instances.

I started this puzzle off on the bottom-right corner with multiple seed entries and then worked my way upwards with crossword legend Erik Agard helping me out with that upper-left corner of the grid. (He wrote the wonderful 1-Across clue as well. This puzzle couldn’t have been done without him.) However, that was months ago. Today, I see this file on my computer and decide to finish cluing it, with Erik helping to edit the final product through a series of e-mails. The result of that is the themeless presented upon you today. I hope it’s as fun to solve as it was to construct!

Does this mean I’ll start posting more? Probably not. (Wow, I’m really selling this, aren’t I?) However, when inspiration strikes, I’ll be back. In the meantime, follow my Twitter @adam_nicolle where I post jokes and musings, etc.

Happy puzzling!

– Adam, a.k.a. The Word Nerd

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Puzzle #2: This Is A Big Deal…

Puzzle 2: This Is A Big Deal…
Difficulty: YMMV (gimmicky)
PDF PUZ (if this doesn’t directly download, I apologize, the links are kind of messing with me)

Hey guys!

Don’t worry, I’m alive. This project was kind of a non-starter. However, I feel like it’s necessary to try to keep this thing up and running by posting puzzles every now and then. Let’s go.

This puzzle is one I actually created last year, so pardon me if there are some off answers or outdated-ish material. It was originally meant for Buzzfeed, which might explain the long cluing and more 2010s answers than one might expect. Unfortunately, it didn’t get it in due to time constraints, and now that the Buzzfeed crossword is finished, I wouldn’t’ve been able to get it in this year either. (PSST,  if you didn’t know, Buzzfeed editor Caleb Madison is working on an upcoming puzzle project called Solve the Internet, check it out.)

So, considering that was off the table, I figured here would be the best place to post it. Why did I post it today of all days? Well, that should become apparent very soon. 😉

Happy puzzling, and I’ll hopefully see you soon for the holidays!

– Adam, a.k.a. The Word Nerd

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I’m Sorry…

One puzzle in and I’ve run out of puzzles? No. One puzzle in and the rest of my puzzles are looking kinda crap? Yeah. I’m a picky constructor, what can I say, if I don’t like a puzzle of mine I’m not going to feel good publishing it. Was it the best idea to start a crossword blog at the beginning of the school year? Hell naw. Here’s my point:

I don’t think I’ll be able to work on a set schedule for puzzles. The whole point of me creating this blog was for me to be able to have an outlet to publish my puzzles in when they’re finished. I thought that creating certain goals for myself would help me work more efficiently. That’s not what happened. I’m 14, and I have things in my life going on.

Long story short, I’ll be publishing my puzzles on a Peter Broda schedule (whenever the puzzle’s finished). Hopefully, I’ll be posting on here frequently enough that nobody forgets about this website, but all I know for sure is that publishing on the 1st and 15th of every month isn’t going to do it for me. I want to be proud of the puzzles I put out.

I’m sorry, and I really hope I don’t have to leave everyone hanging for so long on here. If you don’t want to miss a single puzzle I put out at any random time, you could subscribe at the side of the page. That will help send the puzzles to you by e-mail when they come out so you won’t miss a single one.

I hope everyone understands, and I wish everyone some happy puzzling.

– Adam a.k.a. The Word Nerd (@mrdrawerguy or @anxwords)

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Crossword Links and Such

Yes, yes, I know, it’s the second puzzle and I’m already falling behind on my puzzles. The thing is, I had a puzzle, but there was a really bad piece of fill I found in it, so I had to scrap it, then I got sick. Long story short, the puzzle should be up within a week.

In the meantime, I may as well not let this blog post go to waste, so I’ll be posting my favourite crossword links and other little announcements of mine here. Let’s go:

  • SHOUTOUTS: Shoutout to Chris King of ChrisWords for shouting me out on his blog a few weeks ago. Appreciate ya, man. Great puzzles.
  • RE: GHETTO BLASTER: In response to a racially-insensitive crossword entry in the New York Times puzzle yesterday, indie constructor Erik Agard goes onto his podcast CRUCIVERBALYZING to talk about why this entry was not defendable, as well as talk about his own personal experiences with iffy fill (link here). Smart stuff.
  • CROSSWORD SOLVING APP: Recently, I’ve learned about a crossword solving app called Crossword Puzzle Free, and for those interested in solving easy puzzles on the go, I’d check it out. (iOS) (Android)
  • CROSSWORD CONSTRUCTING APP: I’m a big fan of Crossword Constructors for Cruciverbalists (CMFC) for iOS. It has a clean interface and you can import your own word lists, so it gets the stamp of approval from me. (iOS)
  • DOWNLOAD LINKS ANNOUNCEMENT: I will add “=dl” at the end of my download links so they will download automatically. Thanks to everyone who suggested that!

Overall, those are the crossword things that caught my attention this week, I will be back soon with either an inventive theme or fresh themeless. Have a great day!

– Adam a.k.a. The Word Nerd

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Puzzle #1: Let’s Get In The Zone

Puzzle 1: Let’s Get In The Zone
Difficulty: Mediumish, but the payoff should be worth it 😉

It’s our first puzzle, so let’s get into our zone.

As you probably already know, my name is Adam Nicolle, and this is my crossword site. I post on the 1st and 15th of every month. I know, I didn’t post on the 1st this month, but that’s just my luck for creating last minute scheduling changes. Nevertheless, I’m here now, and you are too, so let’s jump into it.

This is a puzzle I am very proud about. I originally sent this theme idea into Buzzfeed while they were still taking crossword submissions. Unfortunately, it could not be published because *MINOR SPOILER ALERT* their applet couldn’t handle rebus squares *END OF SPOILER ALERT*. However, I did receive good feedback on the theme. So, recently, I decided to come back to it and spruce up some of the fill and clues. (Big thanks to Erik Agard for test-solving it! He has been a big inspiration for starting this website.) I hope you have as much fun solving this puzzle as I did constructing it, because this theme comes from a very special place in my heart. 🙂

If you liked this puzzle, leave a comment down below, if you didn’t, I’m glad you tried it out in the first place. Thanks for solving and I hope to see you again October 1st!

– Adam, a.k.a. The Word Nerd

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New Puzzles Coming Soon!

If you’re on this website right now reading this, I’d like to thank you so much for even coming this far and taking the time to check this out. My name is Adam Nicolle and and I am 14. This is my crossword blog. Welcome!

I’m going to try to post on Mondays  the 1st and 15th of every month starting this September (I’m not going to put that much pressure on myself), but my posting schedule may be a bit mixed up at times. This is because I’m in high school, and a lot of stuff is happening in my life right now. Nevertheless, I have puzzles I want to show people, and that’s why I’m making this blog. So, if you’re interested, go ahead an sign up for e-mail notifications on the right-hand side of the blog. That will be handy for getting the latest puzzles straight to your inbox, no matter when they’re posted.

For now, try out the puzzle blogs on your right. I’ve scheduled the blogs for when you should expect new puzzles to come out, and I’ve found that pretty handy.

Anyway, I can’t wait to show you what’s in store. Time to get back to puzzling.


– Adam, a.k.a. The Word Nerd


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